PAR Pneumatic lung


Can be used with any punching tool.


  • Great speed of operation.
  • Low air consumption due to short stroke.
  • Operated by means of pneumatic pedal with protector.
  • The maintenance unit is made up of a regulating filter and lubricator with a manometer. Its function is to treat air to prevent the passage of water and other impurities and to regulate the pressure of the lung.
  • Rapid fixing of punching toos by means of special quick-loching handles. Adaptable to punching tools which are normally used on the market.
  • Option : can be supplied with stand (model PARM).




  • Height of lung :                   485 mm.
  • Size of base :                      500 x 300 mm.
  • Maximum force :                 2.500 Kg.             
  • Dimensions with stand :      850 x 820 x 800 mm. (with packing)
  • Weight with stand :             75 Kg. (with packing)